Two Topics That SXSW Should Feature – Please Help!

You may have heard of South by Southwest. Originally a music festival, it’s now an almost month-long mashup of events each spring that focus on music, technology & society, film, and education. The event is huge. Seriously, huge. Last year over 70,000 people attended the conference from 95 countries.

There are over 2,000 sessions included on the SXSW program in a variety of different tracks. It’s not just an event for techies – tracks at the Interactive portion of the festival include Workplace, Government, Health & Wellness, and Food. Sessions are chosen from the Panel Picker in a fairly democratic process—community votes make up 30% of the final decision for each session (SXSW staff and advisor board comprise the other 70%). Voting has already started, and lasts through August 25.

You all have a vote and I need your help.

I am involved in two proposals for the 2018 event. One is a group panel for SXSW Interactive, and the other is a solo talk on the higher education stage at SXSW EDU. Please take a minute to register for a Panel Picker account and “up vote” each of the proposals. It’s also helpful if you leave a comment detailing why you think the session is a good fit for the event and track.

SXSW Interactive: #NSFWatSXSW Your Professional Networked Community


View proposal and vote here.

For this session I’ve teamed up with three amazingly smart and talented ladies to have a panel discussion about professional online communities. We’re all coming at this from different angles (and we don’t agree on everything!) so this should be a pretty great discussion.

Session Description

In 15 years, we’ve gone from “Bowling Alone” to being hyper-connected online both personally and professionally. Online communities form for personal enrichment, professional networking, and social learning. How do they help or hurt individuals, organizations, and industry? What challenges and barriers arise for community organizers? When it comes to the workplace, what happens when our online and offline life converge? Implications for both individuals and employers will be discussed.

SXSW EDU: The Case For Strategic Social Listening On Campus

View proposal and vote here.

This is a solo proposal for the higher education stage at SXSW EDU. I want to help administrators understand that social listening is not an investment in a social media program, rather—it’s an investment in getting closer to students, alumni, and the community. This week I was awarded Best of Track at the eduWeb Digital Summit for a presentation on this topic, and I’ll only be making it better for SXSW EDU.

Session Description

Social listening empowers campuses to develop data-informed strategies based on analysis of online conversations. Other industries are using social listening for product innovation, predicting revenue, identifying seasonality in customer buzz, identifying and researching market segments, analyzing market share, and competitive intelligence. It’s time for colleges and universities to use social listening to impact outcomes like enrollment, brand awareness, and alumni development.

Thank You In Advance

Thank you for taking the time to vote/comment on each proposal. If there are other proposals I should be reviewing and voting for, please let me know! I’ll probably try to browse those that are related to higher education and social intelligence, but I’m happy to look at others.

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