Gather Round, Solo Social Media Professionals!

On Sunday, March 9, 2014 over 75 people gathered in a conference room at South by Southwest Interactive. They were there to talk about one thing: what it feels like to be alone. No, it wasn’t a group therapy session. Everyone in the room was a solo social media professional—working on their own to manage social media for a company, department, or client(s).

We only had an hour for our core conversation, but during that time we discussed a handful of topics, including:

  • Content creation
  • Metrics (one attendee confessed that she’s given up on metrics while managing 20+ accounts as a part-time job)
  • Tools for efficiency
  • Sources of professional development and training
  • Strategy development.

For a great wrap-up, check out Katie Kelly’s Storify.

This conversation clearly touched on a need. Much of the information about social media strategy and management seems to be geared towards companies/organizations with dedicated teams and substantial budgets. At SXSW, solo social pros laughed nervously at the idea of editorial calendars and sophisticated metrics because they were just trying to keep their heads above water. However, it was clear that everyone in the room had some sort of tip/trick/bit of knowledge that was valuable to someone else. When we build on each other’s strengths, we can all become better solo social professionals (and hopefully build ourselves a team one day)!

This group needs a community—not just the people at SXSW, but all the solo social pros around the country (and the world). Will you be a part of it?

LinkedIn Group

I’ve created a LinkedIn group to serve as a central gathering place for us. Please join and enable the daily digest so you can regularly participate in the conversation.

Twitter Chat

We’re also talking on Twitter using the #SoloSocial hashtag. I’m excited to host our first live Twitter chat on Monday, March 31 at 8:00 p.m. CDT. We’ll be talking about our daily challenges and opportunities as solo social media professionals.

Blog (forthcoming)

And finally, I’m working on a blog to provide content solely for the solo social media professional. I’m not ready to launch it yet, but if you’re interested in writing for the blog, please contact me. If you represent a company that provides services for solo social media professionals and are interested in supporting this community, let’s talk.

If you’re going it alone in social media, I hope you’ll join the community—we’ll be learning a lot from each other!

To close, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite tweets from Solo Social: What to Do When You’re On Your Own.




Will you consider joining our community? What types of things would you like to talk about? What resources would you like to see?

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