Seminar: Social Media & Professional Networking

social media professional networkingSocial media has played an integral role in my career, ever since I realized in 2009 that Twitter could be used to connect with colleagues all around the world. Over the last six years I’ve used Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Facebook to build my professional network of over 4,000 individuals. Through this network I’ve found co-presenters for professional conferences, arranged informational interview coffee dates, located a research mentor, and developed collaborative relationships that I suspect will be life-long. This network even led me to my current job. That looked a little something like this:

  • I connected on social media with a professional that worked for the same university system as me, but lived in a different city.
  • When I ended up in her neck of the woods for training, we met up for lunch.
  • Later, I she invited me to speak at a state conference she was organizing (coincidentally about using social media for professional development and networking).
  • A vice president saw me speak at that conference and recommended me for a short-term consulting gig.
  • Because of that gig, I was encouraged to apply for a full-time position with the organization (a job I would not otherwise have known about).
  • I got the job, and over the last three years I’ve built a multi-disciplinary team and love going to work every day.

The connections you make on social media have real-life implications.

I want to help you use social media for professional networking.

I know how to seek out new connections on social networks, nurture those relationships, provide value to them, and receive value in return. This may not come naturally to everyone, but I believe it’s a vital skill to be successful in today’s super socially-connected environment. So, I’ve partnered with Cardinal Stritch University to offer Building Social Capital With Social Media seminar. Offered on Friday, April 22 both in-person (in Milwaukee, WI) and online, this two-hour event will jump-start your professional networking. If you or someone you know needs to work on this skill, register today! The seminar is part of a three-part Social Capital Builders series. The other events (offered on-site in Milwaukee) focus on traditional in-person networking and building community partnerships. If you’re interested in all three, register for the series to receive a discount.

What would you expect to learn in a seminar like this? Do you have any great of examples of using social media for professional networking? I’ll be crafting my presentation over the next two months, and would love your feedback!

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