Social Media Measurement in Higher Education

I’m passionate about helping higher education marketers make data-driven decisions. Those of us that work with social media often work with stakeholders that don’t understand the day-to-day of what we do, and just want to know, “Did it work?” I designed an online course¬†about social media measurement to help higher ed marketers answer that question for campus leaders.

What’s the course like?

In four weeks, students learn to define social media’s contribution to strategic goals, choose the appropriate metrics to measure, learn the basics of Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and even Google Analytics, and report on the success of their social media program. Through a mixture of group discussion where students learn from peers at other institutions and individual weekly work-related assignments with personal instructor feedback, students are guided through a curriculum that leaves them confident in their ability to quantify the impact of their social media program.

How do I register?

Until August 2017, I taught the course as part of the Higher Ed Experts faculty. Although I’m no longer an instructor, you can still take the course! Two fantastic alumna of the course (star students, obviously), are teaching alternate sessions.¬†Higher Ed Experts also offers courses in social media marketing, web analytics, web writing, and search engine optimization. Before I was a faculty member, I was a student in the web analytics course, so I know that Higher Ed Experts courses are designed to be immediately valuable to professionals who enroll.

To learn more, head on over to the course information page. If you want a peek at the syllabus before you register, just fill out an inquiry form and you’ll have it in your inbox shortly.


Here is what some of my students had to say about the course.

Quote from Mat Gilderman, University of Minnesota Duluth: I absolutely would recommend this course. You'll learn things you never knew existed for social media and you'll wonder how you ever managed without them. That's how I felt, at least!

Quote from Jes Scott, University of Victoria: I would recommend this course to anyone! I learned how to define my social media goals and measure our successes. This course has also helped me talk about the importance of measurement with my colleagues.

Quote from Jamie Godin, Washington and Lee University: This course has been the simplest, yet well-defined means of connecting institutional objectives to social media outcomes. The wheel-spinning saved by taking this course pays off before the course is even over.

Quote from Amy Baker, Fairmont State University: As someone new to social media management, this course will allow me to track metrics that matter and better communicate social media program goals and accomplishments. I liked that the course assignments were designed to produce hands-on, real-life documents that will be helpful to our department.

Quote from Erika Fields, Wellesley College: I would highly recommend this course to anyone that doesn't have a lot of extra time in their schedule but knows that measuring social media is critical to the success of any of our jobs. This course breaks down what can be a daunting and unmanageable task of measuring efforts on ever-changing social media outlets into bite-size, achievable outcomes.

Quote from Jesse Alter, Imperial College London: This course forces you to examine your social media programme and properly think about the reasons you publish certain types of content and how you can measure success. It's definitely encouraged me to develop social media objectives that are more strategic and will benefit the wider university.

Quote from Holly Sherburne, Bowdoin College: This was a fantastic class. I loved everything about it. As always, there's an investment of time needed, but it helped tremendously with my own work and produced immediate results and improvement for me.

Quote from Meg (Bernier) Keniston, Saint Lawrence University: This course has forever shifted the way I look at my role, not just as a social media manager, but as a professional. I have learned skills in this class that go well beyond understanding metrics and measurement and will help shape whatever job I find myself in, no matter the industry.

Quote from Jennifer Woltjen, SUNY Broome Community College: This is my third Higher Ed Experts course. I keep coming back for more because these courses are highly applicable to my job. I am able to take the skills and knowledge attained and immediately use them in my work. If you are at all new to social media in higher ed, this is the place to start!

Quote from Becky Patt, Longwood University: We started with the basics: how to design a social media program with measurable goals.; then expanding from that solid foundation with an exploration of tools to assist with measuring goals; all the way to designing a social media report. Each step gave me the opportunity to develop something I can use in my professional world, through the weekly discussions and assignments, with substantive feedback from classmates and the instructor on how to improve.