Social Listening Podcast: Hashtag Higher Ed

Looking for something new to add to your podcast playlist? I’m on this week’s Hashtag Higher Ed podcast speaking with Stephen App about the massive opportunity social listening represents for college campuses. Here are some of the things we discuss in the 40-minute social listening podcast:

  • Why social listening matters
  • The difference between social media monitoring and social listening
  • Why amateur social listening efforts are falling short
  • First steps for higher ed pros to get started with social listening
  • Key software that exists in the marketplace (check out this article for tips)
  • The biggest mistake people make when starting a social listening program
  • How departments across campus can collaborate to maximize the ROI of social listening

Social Listening Podcast, Hashtag Higher Ed, Episode 7, Dr. Liz Gross, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation. Quote: Unless you're gathering everything being said about you online, I really don't think you're even stepping into the waters of social listening yet, and that's something that's taken higher ed a while to get used to.

Stay tuned all the way through the last ten minutes, when I talk about what’s next for social listening. There are some really cool things on the horizon, like image search (OMG, so excited for this), audience research opportunities, and combining social listening data with other data sets, like your campus CRM.

Don’t just listen to this episode; I recommend subscribing  to this great new podcast in your favorite podcast app (like iTunes or Google Music).

Podcasts Aren’t Just On Your Mobile Phone

Not into podcasts yet? Not to worry! You can listen at your desk using the Soundcloud player below. You can also check out Stephen’s blog post about the episode for some key points in text.

Send Me Your Social Listening Questions

If you have any questions after listening to the episode, let me know! If your questions are specific to how social listening can be used in admissions, consider sending them to Adam Castro from the #HigherEdLive team. We’re going to talk about social listening on Admissions Live at the end of the month.

Does Higher Ed Need A Social Listening Podcast?

Also, out of curiosity, is there interest out there for a podcast strictly about social listening in higher education? I’m thinking a short 15-20 minute format that highlights insights campuses have been finding, changes in technology, etc. Let me know.

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