Marketing Goals Should Focus on Outcomes, Not Output

Do your marketing goals look a little like this?

  • Regularly post on our primary social networks
  • Create at least one video per week
  • Write 7 blog posts per semester
  • Get one student per week to do a social media takeover
  • Create great content that resonates with our audience

It’s ok if they do. You’re not alone. But I’d like to challenge you to change the way you think about goals. Stop creating goals that focus on outputs.

Goals are about accomplishing something, right? You want more applications, more donations, more website visits, more students to attend your event.

So why are you creating marketing goals about the things you do, rather than the outcomes those things produce?

Focusing on outcomes allows you to clearly articulate the impact you have on your department or your institution. This is the type of strategic thinking that gets noticed by leadership. The type of thinking that leads to promotions.

Focusing on outputs allows you to see what tactics you’re using are working, so you can stop doing what isn’t.

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