If You Create Shareable Content, Facebook Will Prompt Users to Like Your Page

Tonight I shared a link to the book I’m currently reading (actually, listening to) on Facebook, and noticed something new—a message under my shared link encouraging me to like the Amazon Facebook Page. This is the first time I’ve noticed this on the social network, although it appears Inside Facebook reported something similar last month.

Facebook Want To See More From Amazon.com

This is just one more reason for you to create great, shareable content on your website. If a user finds your story, image, product, etc., so interesting that they want to share it on Facebook, they’ll now be prompted to like your page as well. This is good news for marketers, brands and organizations—Facebook can help you can capitalize on the audience that is already visiting your website by turning them into likes that to whom you can send a steady stream of content, advertise, etc.

What opportunities or challenges do you think this new feature presents? 

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3 Comments on “If You Create Shareable Content, Facebook Will Prompt Users to Like Your Page

  1. Hi Liz-
    I haven’t seen this feature apply to any shared content other than major brand pages. Have you seen smaller brands get this nod as well? I’m not sure what the algorithm is for that feature and was wondering if you had seen it enough to know that it works for others?

    • Chris,

      I don’t know that anyone knows what the algorithm is, besides Facebook. I’ve only noticed it for the Amazon link I posted, and the Inside Facebook article I linked to in this post noticed it for news sites. I just tried to do some testing of this idea, but of course, Facebook is deciding to have posting problems right about now.

  2. I actually enjoy this feature… a lot. Time will only tell if brands can purchase this new feature as an advertising campaign (perhaps they already can), but I think it instills hope that Facebook does what our Pages to succeed. Overall, I think the design of it looks nice and simple. My biggest hope is Facebook makes their advertising more seamless (and less intrusive) like this.

    As for the algorithm… There are days when I wish Facebook would be as transparent as Google. I’m not saying Google gives us all the dirty details, but they provide basic criteria that we can use, change, and measure (Adwords, read-able.com, etc.) I would like to see a similar opportunity for Facebook posts with Facebook. Facebook asks us to create relevant content for our audience, but I might argue we could make it more relevant if we knew the guidelines. But I’m afraid it is wishing thinking…

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