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I’m ready to give South By Southwest Interactive another try, even after my luke-warm feelings about the 2011 event. Why? Two reasons, really: 1) I think approaching the event differently (as in, exactly the opposite of a higher ed conference) will improve my experience, and 2) I want to contribute my thoughts and knowledge to the event. To meet the second end, I’d like to ask you to take a look at a session I proposed with my colleagues on the sxsw panel picker: Effective Social Media Presence in Higher Ed.

I’m teaming up with Ed Cabellon and Deb Maue, and we’ve proposed a core conversation. Rather than a traditional panel or solo talk, a core conversation seeks to glean knowledge from the session attendees just as much, or more than, from the presenters. Ed, Deb and I believe that a critical mass of higher education professionals have started to attend South By Southwest, and we’d like to have an intentional conversation with them as well as people from other industries interested in what’s happening in higher education.

Notice that I’m not asking straight-out for your vote. ¬†I’d actually rather you click through to the panel and do the following things:

  1. Read the description in its entirety.
  2. Add comments and ask questions about what we’ve proposed. If our session gets accepted, these comments and questions will help us make it better.
  3. Vote “thumbs up” for the panel if you think it belongs at South by Southwest Interactive 2012.

After you’ve done that (thank you, by the way!), you may also want to take a look at two other higher education panels being proposed by my friends and colleagues: #NoFailWhale: Tweet More, Drop Out Less, and Alternative Professional Development Networks.

If you have time, browse through all of the panels in the education category, and have a say in what education-related sessions make it to South by Southwest.

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