Great Social Listening Article in CASE Currents

Hi readers! This is a quick post to draw your attention to an article in the March/April 2017 issue of CASE Currents that is currently available to the public: Catch the Conversation.

This is a deep dive into the topic of social listening for higher education. I was interviewed for the piece, so if you’re a regular reader you may recognize some of my thoughts and advice. Here’s a quick excerpt:

Missing out on discussions adds up. 

“If you uncover a conversation about a student who is thinking of enrolling or discover a comment from a student who is thinking of leaving, and you can make the connection that matters, your return on investment is multiple years of tuition,” Gross says. “That’s a much higher ROI than you’re going to get in any other industry. You have a critical opportunity to impact individual decisions in the medium where people are looking to be influenced.”

Head on over to the CASE website to read the rest of the article.

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