Facebook Graph Search for Business

The night I got Graph Search beta access, I wrote about opportunities it presented for college campuses. The next day, I received a phone call from the organizer of the Central Wisconsin Social Media Conference asking me to present my ideas to a business audience. The result was this presentation, which I gave for the first time yesterday.

[slideshare id=16956292&w=427&h=356&sc=no]

The attendees seemed pretty excited to jump in and develop strategies that applied to their business, whether that was a coffee roaster, healthcare provider, or commercial printer.

Alongside the enthusiasm was a healthy dose of skepticism. I summed it up in this sentence, which Eva was kind enough to tweet:

Overall, I think Facebook Graph Search is a treasure trove of information that businesses can’t afford to ignore. It’s not a replacement for market research or competitive analysis, but it’s an excellent compliment or starting point.

I had conversations with a few attendees about the advertising opportunities of Graph Search, and I’m willing to make a bold prediction – when Graph Search exits beta and is available to everyone, I fully expect the results to be available to purchase as a custom Facebook advertising audience.

What do you think? How else can a business use Graph Search?

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