Catch Liz Discussing Social Media Success on the Student Affairs Spectacular Podcast

Liz Gross Student Affairs Social Media PodcastA few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dustin Ramsdell about my experience managing social media in higher education. Now, the episode of the Student Affairs Spectacular podcast is live! We start off as all great conversations do, talking about the weather, and then dive into questions about:

  • My professional journey
  • A quick update on my doctoral work
  • My current role working in higher ed but not on a campus
  • Why I’m on the social media measurement soapbox
  • Comparing working  off campus to on campus
  • The process of writing How to Manage Social Media in Higher Education
  • Actionable tips for folks working with social media in higher ed
  • Institutions that I think are doing an excellent job with social media.

If you have 30 minutes, I hope you’ll check out Episode 51: Liz Gross on Social Media Success in Higher Education, and perhaps pass it on to your colleagues.

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