Why I Haven’t Blogged

I meant to blog this year, I really did.  When I look back on 2010, I have some legitimate reasons for not blogging.

I moved. My boyfriend and I bought a house, and we moved across town.  Having just combined households a year earlier, it could have been much more chaotic, but we still stayed busy.  Then we had to build/plant a garden, paint, and all that homeowner stuff!

I went back to school. Just one year after declaring I was done with school forever, I started a doctoral program in the middle of the summer.  Wow, that was a lot of work…and it continues to be.

I got engaged. Aaron proposed!

I got married. Yeah, that happened two months later.  I don’t like to wait around for things, I guess.

I got a new job. So, the day before we got married, I interviewed for a new job.  Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment.  But I got it!  I started my new position on December 15.

I joke with my friends that I’ve experienced almost all of life’s most stressful moments this year.  I also did some really fun things: attended some Milwaukee Brewers spring training games and at least 40 regular season games, went to the first Ungeeked conference, learned to garden, and spent some quality time with my boyfriend/fiance/husband.

So what’s on track for 2011?

  • Diving into my literature review.  Topic: social media and college student engagement.
  • Attending South By Southwest Interactive, and meeting @reyjunco and @edcabellon!
  • Attending Ungeeked Chicago.
  • Italy trip: 8-day study tour, preceded and followed by a delayed Italian honeymoon with my husband
  • Blogging!