Are You Grustlin’?

Recently (at Ungeeked, of course) I had the opportunity to hear Hajj Flemings speak. He introduced me to a new term: grustle. Your grustle is the combination of your grind (your job that makes a living) and your hustle (your passion, which you may or may not be monetizing). Over the last year I’ve come to realize that most professionals I know and admire have a side hustle, whether that’s consulting, blogging for pay, speaking, or selling something they make for a hobby.

What about working an additional 10-30 hours a week on top of your day job is intriguing? A few things I find attractive are: independence, flexibility, specialization, national/international opportunities, and the ability to feed my creative spirit.  I have to admit, it’s also the allure that if I live for a year (or more) as others won’t, I can live for a lifetime as others can’t.

What saddens me is when someone spends 40+ hours a week working a job they hate, then come home and spend extra time on their “hustle” doing what they love.  I think to truly be grustlin’, you need to find a way to make both your grind and your hustle support your passion and interests.  This is what I’m working towards.  My grind is the daily execution of an essential function of both higher education and business, in a single environment. My hustle is exploring the research and theory behind a niche in that industry function, and teaching others how to apply it on their campus.  I think they meld perfectly to form a well-rounded grustle.

So, are you grustlin’? If so, what do you enjoy about it? Would you recommend the practice to others? If you’re not, why? Have you thought about it? Please share your thoughts in the comments.