Publication Announcement: Opportunities for Social Listening in Higher Education

I’m please to announce that Mike Horn and I co-authored an article that appears in the Winter 2017 issue of the Journal of Education Advancement and Marketing. We believe this is the first peer-reviewed article about practical applications of social listening for higher education administrators in all functional areas of the college or university (we were pleased to cite this article, which was specific to libraries).

Abstract: Opportunities for Social Listening in Higher Education

Social media and online conversations continue to influence institution perception, giving administrators an opportunity to identify and analyze social interactions relevant to their campus — a process known as social listening. Social listening can support and inform strategic initiatives on campus such as reputation and enrollment management, crisis communication and audience research and insight. When applied across campus, social listening becomes a vital source of intelligence to improve and achieve outcomes from brand to student engagement to fundraising efforts.

Download The Paper

While you’ll need to rely on a paid individual or library subscription to access the entire issue of the journal, I’m able to provide a copy of the pre-press proof of our article, Opportunities for Social Listening in Higher Education, on my personal website. I hope you find our article useful.

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