3 Higher Education Voices You Should Be Listening To

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Early last week I awoke to find I had been included in Karine Joley’s post celebrating eight years of collegewebeditor.com by looking towards the future and some new and interesting higher education bloggers. I was extremely honored that Karine thought to include me.

I’ve decided to pay it forward by highlighting three blogs I’ve been enjoying lately.

Bower Power
Mallory Bower has at least two great things going for her—post frequency and timely relevance. When I see Mallory tweeting about something excitedly (for instance, the new CBS Show “The Job,”), I’ve almost come to expect a blog post the next day that explores the issue in-depth. And then, she’ll surprise me by unpacking something she’s been thinking—and not tweeting—about that has potential to be turned into a book. Folks who work in career services/recruiting will love her writing, but if you don’t fall into that niche (I sure don’t), you’ll likely still find a lot of value. She blogs at www.mallorybower.com.

What Joe Said
I’ve followed Joe Ginese on Twitter for quite some time. He’s always involved in interesting conversations. Over the last few weeks, he’s really stepped up his blogging frequency, in part because of his decision to publish more short thoughts ala Seth Godin instead of writing longer, meticulously edited posts (but I don’t think he’ll ever stop producing quality posts about LinkedIn). He picks one great idea—often introduced with an applicable question—and simply presents it for you to think about. Joe is “MBA trained and entrepreneurial minded” (at least that’s what he says in his Twitter bio!), and it shows. He works in higher education, but most anyone will be engaged in purposeful reflection after pondering his ideas. You can find his blog at www.joeginese.com.

Amma Marfo
Amma Marfo has been blogging for over a year, but she just caught my attention recently. We’ve followed each other on Twitter and I knew she was posting regularly, but for some reason I never clicked through. That was a mistake. Amma is amazingly articulate, driven, and intelligent. She fits big thoughts in small packages, often drawing from her most recent commute reading. Her recent post about keeping her smart phone in her pocket because she expects more of herself makes me want to spend less time browsing social networks and be more intentional with my free time. Everyone who works in student activities should check out Amma’s blog, but—like everyone on this list—the wisdom won’t be lost on you if you don’t share her profession. Read more at www.ammamarfo.wordpress.com.

What else should I be reading? Share your favorite blogs of the moment in the comments.

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8 Comments on “3 Higher Education Voices You Should Be Listening To

  1. Wow, Liz! Thanks so much- it’s an honor to hear I can teach you something. I’ve loved learning from your blog as well 🙂 I would love to give a shoutout to the blog of Chris Conzen- he doesn’t post nearly as often as I do. But when he does, it counts. His writing is thought provoking and vulnerable. He deserves a highlight as well! conzen.com.

    • You’re welcome, Amma! I’ve officially added my blog to my Google Reader so I won’t miss your posts.

      You’re right about Chris – his Valentine’s Day post was gutsy and poignant. I’ve been meaning to read the kryptonite post but keep getting distracted.

  2. Hi Liz! We’d love it if you followed Read Village.com; we’re on WordPress and we have a Website. Read Village is the place where readers, books and Wisconsin meet. Another journalist and I write honest book reviews about books written either by Wisconsin authors or about Wisconsin-related subject matter. It’s our way of celebrating Wisconsin, readers, authors and literacy. http://readvillage.wordpress.com/ and http://www.readvillage.com. Thanks. Happy President’s Day!

  3. Wow is right Amma! Liz thanks for including me, for reading my materials and for putting me in the same grouping as Amma & Mallory. Definitely good company to be in and a great blog (YOURS!) to be mentioned on.

    Other people I’d highlight along with Amma, Mallory and Conzen is Lisa Endersby (www.lisaendersby.ca), Sam Davidson for reflection inducing thoughts (www.samdavidson.com sign up for the daily dose), and Becca Obergefell (www.beccaobergefell.com). The writing styles and thoughts those three put on the screen always leave me wanting to be a better writer.

    Thanks again for the post Liz, GREATLY appreciated 🙂

  4. I love all three blogs and I second both Joe and Amma regarding Chris and Lisa, Sam and Becca. And where would we be without our techmaster Eric Stoller also Ed Cabellon, just to name a couple. I am sure I will think of more as the day goes on.

    • Definitely agree about Eric and Ed, but I consider them to be “established” bloggers. I’m interested in highlighting newer voices to add to the group 🙂

  5. Thanks again for including me in this post, Liz! I was completely blown away last night when I saw this. We have a great community of writers and thinkers in higher ed, and many more of them need to be celebrated!

    I am continually inspired by your thoughts and many of the bloggers mentioned above. Can’t wait to read more and pick each others’ brains. Cheers!

    • You’re welcome Mallory. I’m sort of considering highlighting folks as a regular feature….unless other folks fill in the gaps, which is fine by me! Keep writing – I enjoy reading (and the recipes).

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